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Find Your Mama Groove


'The juggle' is a topic that often comes up between me and my mum friends. We are in the fortunate position to have the opportunity to do everything - have careers and also raise a family. Considering the lives and situations of so many women around the world I count myself very lucky. Yet it can also be very challenging trying to juggle everything as well as feeling like we should be doing it all brilliantly. So this Mother's Day I am thrilled to be partnering with Joanna Hunt and gifting you her book 'Find Your Mamma Groove'.  

Last summer I was introduced to Joanna, who runs her Empowerment Coaching Business for Mums online from the Isle of Wight and with both of us building small businesses we thought we would join forces and do something together. 

Joanna's book 'Find Your Mama Groove' talks about how you can discover what is important to you and the steps you can take for a more balanced life. I love that Joanna talks about her own experiences with the different wellness techniques she has discovered along the way.

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Joanna and her gorgeous daughter are wearing our Celestial print pyjamas. She instantly knew this was the pattern for her.

'I’ve always been drawn to stars, perhaps you have too? As a young child I would get so excited when the first star came into the sky each night. It was my daily opportunity to make a wish, and believe that what I deeply wanted would someday come true. 

For as long as I can remember, stars have represented hope, dreams, and inner light. These are the same values I wish to activate within my daughter, Tula. This is why I was drawn to the Celestial pattern. Every time Tula and I put them on, it serves as a special reminder for us both to believe in our hopes, dreams, and inner light.'

Joanna is also an amazing yoga practitioner and I was lucky enough to take part in one of her yoga sessions during which she talked about the concept of a Sacred Name. This was something I hadn't heard about before - I found it fascinating and it struck a chord!

It is always so wonderful to see how much everyone loves a monogram and children absolutely love seeing their name written on their pyjamas - It's amazing, their faces just light up with joy.

Joanna and I chatted about this and she told me this lovely story:

'Your name is meant to be sacred. During a self-love practice the vibration of your name can bring your mind and body into a deep peace and healing. I learned about this practice from my self-love coach Lola who worked in an African village with a herbal doctor. When parents came to visit with their children she witnessed that the most powerful 'medicine' he would perscribe was a Sacred Name and that this brought upon great healing for many many families.

Saying your name is a lovely practice to do right before bed while you are cuddled up in your pyjamas. Allow yourself time to lay down and sing your name to yourself, you can also add this to your child’s bedtime routine. Give yourself time to discover your sacred name by signing your full name, your nicknames, your first and middle name, other names you love, until you come to a variation that feels true and beautiful - you will intuitively know when you have found your Sacred Name!'

Could it be that monogramming taps into this and that seeing our name means something very special for us?