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Behind the Brand

The story behind the brand by our founder Roanne.

I would like to share with you a little bit about my background and inspiration for my collections.
A big part of my career was 10 years at the department store, Harrods, firstly in their marketing department and following that I was their buyer for Fine Watches. It was such an amazing industry to be a part of. After having children, I wished to find more of a balance and set up my own business.

I started on a very small scale from my kitchen table hand making monogrammed cushions and soon after I ventured in to the world of loungewear by partnering with Cyberjammies to offer monogrammed pyjamas. They were an instant hit. After participating in our first Christmas fair in 2017 and with support from friends and family the business started to grow.

It was always my vision to create my own label and to harness all the knowledge I have gathered from being quite particular about my own nightwear, having children myself and meeting customers at fairs and listening to their likes and dislikes. I have spent many an hour with a tape measure liaising with my very understanding and talented family-run manufacturer in Portugal to try to get every detail just right so they are made beautifully, are flatteringly tailored and feel great.

I am privileged to be working with the talented Matt Duncan who designed the illustrated patterns. We used to work together at Harrods and Matt is now the Product Designer at Historic Royal Palaces having also been the Art Editor at Net-a-Porter. We focused on creating patterns that would appeal to the whole family by balancing childlike charm and sophistication.

In recent years I have been on a drive to make our lives more sustainable, to try to move away from a throw-away culture, reduce our plastic waste, buy less but better quality and seek out natural alternatives. We even compost the cardboard boxes from deliveries so it was very important to me to create a brand that was truly sustainable and eco-friendly.

Having sampled hundreds of fabrics to find just the right one in certified organic cotton, I also rigorously investigated every detail of the production. The buttons are made from Corozo, a tropical nut that is naturally harvested, the labels are all cotton rather than the typical polyester, and the packaging is produced from renewable material.

Our monogramming service is carried out from our studio in London and uses natural fibre embroidery thread. I have found that the uniqueness of personalisation makes items in to your forever pieces, and children just adore seeing their names on their pyjamas.
I hope you love them.